Per Hour

$45 per carrier per hour
One hour minimum
Prorated in 15 minute increments

Travel Time

Drive to origin: $.75 per minute per carrier
Drive back from destination (if applicable)$.75 per additional minute per carrier exceeding 20 minutes (built in 20 free minutes!)
i.e. total drive back time 21 minutes, so you pay $.75 per carrier for drive back time rate. 22 minutes, so you pay $1.50 per carrier, etc...


 (IF APPLICABLE) $0.75 per additional mile exceeding 40 miles round trip (built in 40 free miles!)
i.e. total round trip mileage is 41 miles, so you pay a total of $0.75 for the mileage rate. 42 miles, so you pay $1.50, etc...