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This is for all you DIY-ers out there. The struggles that come with moving items have been simplified. You get the rental truck, storage unit, container- you name it! We'll provide the muscle to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

Point a to b

We will provide you with an appropriate number of carriers, based on your needs,  and a pickup truck to transport your item(s) from one location to another.

item arrangement 

We will provide an appropriate amount of carriers, based on your needs, to move your item(s) throughout your home, office, or event venue. It could be as simple as moving an item from one room to another. 

Per Hour

$45 per carrier per hour
One hour minimum
Prorated in 15 minute increments

Travel Time

Drive to origin: $.75 per minute per carrier
Drive back from destination (if applicable)$.75 per additional minute per carrier exceeding 20 minutes (built in 20 free minutes!)
i.e. total drive back time 21 minutes, so you pay $.75 per carrier for drive back time rate. 22 minutes, so you pay $1.50 per carrier, etc...


 (IF APPLICABLE) $0.75 per additional mile exceeding 40 miles round trip (built in 40 free miles!)
i.e. total round trip mileage is 41 miles, so you pay a total of $0.75 for the mileage rate. 42 miles, so you pay $1.50, etc...